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Anarchy's Staff App Empty Anarchy's Staff App

on Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:16 pm
1) In-Game Name: Anarchy

2) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78592454

3) Age (must be at least 16 But maybe considered if following rules well) : 17

4) Hours Played on Server (must be at least 2 days):

5) Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail: No

6) Do you have any experience being staff on GMOD? If yes state what server,positions : Senior Head-Mod (RivalGamers) , Community Manager (Acid Gaming RP) , Co-Founder (Apex RP) , Tmod (Zealous RP) , Admin (St1gGaming) , Mod (VenomRP) , Developer (ElevateRP) ,

7) Do you have experience with ULX commands?: Yes

Cool What can you bring to the Staff team?: I bring experience to the staff team. in my many years as staff the thing i enjoyed most was helping out servers, which is why in my time playing gmod darkrp ive tried to join as many servers' staff teams as i could, i cant cure darkrp of minges, but i can try.

9) Why would you like to join the Scramble RP staff team?: Because You Are An Awesome Community And I Want To Help Some Lads Out.

10) How often can you be online?: I Have No Life.

11) Do you have a working microphone?: I Dropped My Headset So No Sad

12) Please state one reference (optional): Me and the owner are friends, think thats all the reference i need xD

Αφήστε τους δύσκολους καιρούς να μην σταματήσουν τον φίλο μου, αλλά να τους βοηθήσετε να προχωρήσετε.

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