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Scramble RP RULES Empty Scramble RP RULES

on Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:57 pm
General Rules

1.1) Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch, kill someone without a valid RP reason)
1.2) Do not RDA (Random Arrest, Arresting someone without a valid arrest reason)
1.3) Do not FearRP in state or FailRP
1.4) Do not Break NLR (New Life Rule, which is 5 minutes or until the raid is over)
1.5) Scamming is not permitted
1.6) Threats to the server like DDOS will result in a permanent ban
1.7) Mic Spam or Chat Spam is not allowed
1.Cool Asking staff for money in order to get rich quick is not allowed
1.9) You are not allowed to shoot through 1 way props (You can see them but they cant see you)
1.10) Sit scumming is not allowed (Making sits unnecessary or difficult by lying,stalling or being a minge.
1.11) No-collided props are not allowed
1.12) If someone has a building sign do not annoying them or go on their property
1.13) Do not minge or troll
1.14) Do not Metagame (Using Advert for OOC, or opposite)
1.15) Do not FDA ( Fading door abuse)
1.16) Do not abuse or exploit props or items
1.17) Do not overuse caps in OOC
1.18) Do not spam staff chat
1.19) Do not prop climb/block/surf
1.20) Do not spawn props in other peoples bases
1.21) Do not be disrespectful to staff or other members
1.22) Do not advertise any server or links except screenshots for sits
1.23) Do not cheat or hack or exploit
1.24) If you are at gunpoint you cannot pull out a gun as it is FearRP
1.25) Do not stand on others heads this is FailRP
1.26) Do not car minge (Ramming into people)
1.27) Do not block doors with cars
1.28) Do not randomly shoot peoples cars for no valid reason
1.29) Do not job abuse
1.30) Do not self supply
1.31) Max mug amount is 5K every 15 minutes
1.32) You can only keep someone kidnapped for 20 minutes with a cooldown for 30 mins - Max Ransome is 20k
1.33) You must warn someone 3 times to go away before killing them (eg /y Go away! Warn 1 / 2 / 3)
1.34) Do not body block
1.35) No base takeovers (max you can stay inside a base is 10 minutes)
1.36) Do not leave while being raided (LTARP)
1.37) Do not make racist or homophobic or sexist comments in any shape or form
1.38) Do not make a gang of a certain name using /job
1.39) Impersonating someone else is not permitted
1.40) Entering admin-only areas will result in a warn or ban
1.41) Televisions & Radios are only allowed inside of bases, houses, shops.
1.42) You name needs use at least 4 English characters, Failure to do so will result in ban/kick depending on what is reasonable
1.43) Do not evade bans (e.g - Using other steam accounts to get on the server)


2.1) 1 way props are allowed but not shooting through them
2.2) You are allowed a maximum of 5 Fading doors
2.3) Do not materialize or hide keypads/buttons.
2.4) In order to make a gang base (Large base) you need 6 or more people and permission from the highest ranking staff online.
2.5) Do not fading door abuse
2.6) Hidden Rooms are not allowed
2.7) No no-collided bases or secret rooms
2.Cool Keypads must be clearly visible
2.9) Your fading doors must be on for 4 seconds minimum
2.10) KOS Areas are only allowed within the property
2.12) Do not prop block rooms
2.13) Do not buy doors in other buildings except yours
2.14) Do not hide your printers inside other props making them untouchable
2.15) Fake keypads are not allowed
2.16) Crouch bases are not allowed
2.17) Do not build in the middle of the street only sides if you are a Hobo
2.18) You cannot spawn any entities while building(eg: meth stove, printers).
2.19) You cannot build in admin only accessible areas
2.20) Parkour bases are not allowed
2.21) Bases which give someone an unfair advantage are not allowed, This involves head glitch bases, Foot shooting bases
2.22) No shooting through fences with an opaque(Non-See through) material or world glow colour properties
2.23) Blackout/Colourout bases are not allowed
2.24) When a fading door is activated it must change from its original material
2.25) No double fading doors that are impossible to lockpick
2.26) You must use specific adverts I.E Raid/assist.  NOT assist/raid/kidnap/carjack/steal.

Raiding Rules

3.1) Do not glitch inside of bases
3.2) You have to /advert raid & mug
3.3) Do not spawn props while raiding
3.4) If you died in a raid you cannot interfere or go back to the base
3.5) You cannot raid bases with a building sign
3.6) You cannot raid or mug Hobos
3.7) Base takeovers are not allowed
3.Cool No building barricades during any raids
3.9) Raid cooldown is 15 minutes, 25 minutes for the same person

Police Rules

4.1) No Government Official can go corrupt
4.2) You are not allowed to print
4.3) Toll Booths/Taxes are not allowed
4.4) Only Government jobs and Mayor are allowed to build in the PD
4.5) Do not prop block the PD doors
4.6) There must be a valid reason for an arrest
4.7) You must have a valid reason with evidence to set a warrant or make someone wanted
4.Cool If you see someone outside with their weapon out you can AOS(Arrest on sight) them.
4.9) Do not use someone's job to arrest them ( Arrest all thieves because they steal)
4.10) If you die you must obey the NLR rule
4.11) The mayor cannot put himself in a dangerous situation or assist the SWAT in raids
4.12) You can steal people's weapons
4.13) Do not randomly fine people
4.14) Do not combat arrest (Arresting someone when you are at gunpoint)
4.15) You can accept bribes to unarrest someone (Max is 10k)
4.16) If there is a PD raid going on you can come back after 3 minutes after dying
4.17) The first  PD door MUST be unlocked
4.18) Cops can have a house only if you are using the property for policeRP Reasons (E.G. Stake Out)

Valid Arrest Reasons

-Owning Printers
-Buying/Selling guns
-Using guns
-Having guns on display in public
-Selling drugs, Making Drugs, Using Drugs
-Punching someone
-Theft (Stealing cars, Guns)
-Lock Picking
-Keypad Cracking
-Entering restricted Areas of PD
-Disrespecting Government officials
-Holding out a Lockpick or keypad cracker

Recommended Ban Times

MASS Random Death Match/- New Life Rule: 2 weeks
Mass Staff Disrespect: 2 Days/2weeks.
Advertisement of non-related server content: 2 Weeks.
LTAP (Left to avoid Punishment): 5 Days
Lying to Staff/Telling Staff what to do (If you find it offensive): 2 Days.
Threats against a player or the server (DDOS, Crashing the server): Permanent Ban
Hacking: Permanent Ban
Exploiting code on the server: permanent
Avoiding Ban with Alt Account: permanent.
Trolling/Minge/No intent to RP: 2 weels.
*Prop Blocking/PropKilling/EntityKilling: 2 Hours/2weeks.
Racism/Homophobia: 1 week

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